Welcome to My Site!

Welcome to my Blog!
I'll be mainly covering my car worklog, and possibly some video games, my model cars, or just about anything else I do everyday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mock up intercooler piping

So I got my intercooler piping on Monday night! The stuff looks impressive, really shiny, and looks to be very well made... For the price,  I really couldn't have done any better. It comes with blue couplers. So I'll get right to the pics:

I also just ordered the oil feed and drain lines for the supercharger, as well as the bracket, idler pulley, and belt/bolts. So I really could be completely done with the install on the front end of the car pretty shortly. All I have to do after this is buy the mass air flow sensor, and the fuel pump and little odds and ends.

Also, I just bought a black hoodie from Thinkgeek.com that says "Meh"... Totally looking forward to wearing it. Especially with the chilly weather we have been experiencing lately in CA.

The supercharger stuff should be coming at the end of the week. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Latest car and Halloween stuff

Sorry for not posting yesterday! Pretty busy weekend!

So I finished up my costume, the skirt is done drying and everything else with the costume is all done. I only have a picture of the helmet today, and a cardboard cutout of 300. But I'll get pics of the skirt tomorrow. You can see the helmet has the big 6" tall mame on the top of it, I think its made of horse hair.

Sorry for the terrible picture, my phone has been acting up of late. The space bar stopped working, and now the camera doesn't give me a preview on the screen... I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE EPIC!

I'm going to get the Samsung EPIC at the end of the month... can't freakin wait to get rid of this POS Windows mobile phone.

Also, on the car note: I got the intercooler mounted a couple days ago, and just reinforced it this weekend. Its sturdy! Just waiting on the intercooler piping, which is supposed to come today in the afternoon. So I'm going to try and work on that tonight. Hopefully pics tomorrow!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So I have been working on my costume for halloween and my girlfriends birthday party. We are throwing a party at the end of October, and my complete costume is almost finished! I customized almost all this stuff to my liking. I am dressing up as Leonidas from the Frank Miller's 300. So the parts of the costume consist of:

Helmet with mame
Red cape with metal broach
Spartan sword with sheath
Spartan shield
Tooth necklace
Gladiator style skirt

Here's some pics!

Here's the back side of the skirt, I have it drying with fabric glue right now, so I don't want to flip it over and try it on until its completely dry.

Here is the authentic 300 sword, and the sheath that I made look battle worn.. Also, you can see a bit of the cape in this picture.

Here is the cape with the broach on it. This is an authentic 300 licensed product too.. I'll be posting more pics tomorrow, and possibly taking more pics of the car, and what work I get done.

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Didn't really get done any work last night. Although I did look at some new stuff for the car. I just found out my intercooler piping did actually ship the same day I ordered it(yesterday). So I'm super psyched about that! It shipped from LA, so it should be here on Saturday or maybe on Monday. I'll definitely take pics of that before I get everything on.

I was thinking about replacing the bumper support on this car. The stock bumper support on the car is the big metal rectangular support that runs all the way across the front of the car, this probably weighs like 30lbs. So I'm thinking about getting an aftermarket one, one like this:

The company that makes these is called donathenracing. Here's the site:

Racing bumper support

I'm starting to get really anxious to get everything installed and dyno tested. I really miss driving my car!

Here's some pics to last you till next time!

This is a picture of my Vortech v1 supecharger that I bought. I currently has the bracket on it right now. For those of you that don't know, the middle turbine part sucks in the air, compresses, and speeds it up and then shoots it out of the discharge pipe(the big horn looking hole on the bottom). More air + more fuel = More HP!

Here's the car as she sits now. Intercooler is mounted to the bottom of the grill support, and intercooler tubing will be coming off the sides where the fog lights normally go.

Stay tuned! I should be able to get a good bit of work done this weekend so long as I can get my intercooler piping delivered!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Newest work

Last night I got the intercooler installed, and I'm working on getting it supported and mounted well. I still have to take the belt tensioner off, as I have to get the belt out so I can put the longer supercharger belt on.

I also got the time to replace the wimpy stock 19lb injectors with a beefier 42lb injectors.. I went out and bought some nuts and bolts but found out I didn't have a long enough piece of metal to bolt the intercooler and the radiator support together... Guess I'll be at home depot again tonight.

Oh! And I just bought some new shiny aluminum intercooler piping with blue rubber couplers. I'll have pics of the intercooler mounted either tonight or tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little sneak peak

Just tore off the front bumper, headlights, pulleys, and such the other day... Starting to get everything together for my supercharger.. I took some of the day off today, I'm thinking about replacing my injectors and possibly looking at getting the intercooler mounted today... We will see I guess..

Starting out

I decided to start this whole blogging thing. Probably going to use it to post information about my car project... This being my supercharged Mustang,(obviously from the url of my blog) :)

Worklog and possibly pics to come, stay tuned!