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Welcome to my Blog!
I'll be mainly covering my car worklog, and possibly some video games, my model cars, or just about anything else I do everyday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mock up intercooler piping

So I got my intercooler piping on Monday night! The stuff looks impressive, really shiny, and looks to be very well made... For the price,  I really couldn't have done any better. It comes with blue couplers. So I'll get right to the pics:

I also just ordered the oil feed and drain lines for the supercharger, as well as the bracket, idler pulley, and belt/bolts. So I really could be completely done with the install on the front end of the car pretty shortly. All I have to do after this is buy the mass air flow sensor, and the fuel pump and little odds and ends.

Also, I just bought a black hoodie from Thinkgeek.com that says "Meh"... Totally looking forward to wearing it. Especially with the chilly weather we have been experiencing lately in CA.

The supercharger stuff should be coming at the end of the week. Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like it's coming a long well bro.

  2. I liked the part about the new hoodie haha

  3. you can just tell how sweet thats gunna look! :D good luck! keep posting!

  4. Shit looks pretty dope, although I don't know what type of car that is. I can't recognize automobile makes without headlights. :P

  5. Just started following, seems like a really cool idea for a blog! Also I love the design of your blog.

  6. I installed watercooling to my pc once... those good ol' days...

  7. hmm this looks cool mate. cool tuning.