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Friday, October 1, 2010


Didn't really get done any work last night. Although I did look at some new stuff for the car. I just found out my intercooler piping did actually ship the same day I ordered it(yesterday). So I'm super psyched about that! It shipped from LA, so it should be here on Saturday or maybe on Monday. I'll definitely take pics of that before I get everything on.

I was thinking about replacing the bumper support on this car. The stock bumper support on the car is the big metal rectangular support that runs all the way across the front of the car, this probably weighs like 30lbs. So I'm thinking about getting an aftermarket one, one like this:

The company that makes these is called donathenracing. Here's the site:

Racing bumper support

I'm starting to get really anxious to get everything installed and dyno tested. I really miss driving my car!

Here's some pics to last you till next time!

This is a picture of my Vortech v1 supecharger that I bought. I currently has the bracket on it right now. For those of you that don't know, the middle turbine part sucks in the air, compresses, and speeds it up and then shoots it out of the discharge pipe(the big horn looking hole on the bottom). More air + more fuel = More HP!

Here's the car as she sits now. Intercooler is mounted to the bottom of the grill support, and intercooler tubing will be coming off the sides where the fog lights normally go.

Stay tuned! I should be able to get a good bit of work done this weekend so long as I can get my intercooler piping delivered!


  1. So how much did the Vortech v1 supecharger cost? And how much money have you put into this car just by modding it?

  2. I bought everything separate. All together like 1900...

    With all my bolt ons and such probably like 4k. I got a rippin deal on the car, and I've upgraded almost everything... and so far, for less than 10k, it should be rolling with zo6's and vipers. We will see.. More pics coming eventually!

  3. I liked your input on my last blog post :)

  4. holy crap, man, that shit is badass

  5. your last comment on my blog was a good idea!

  6. your last comment on my blog was a good idea!

  7. You've gotten more followers since the last time I visited!

  8. A rebuild, sweet! Ill keep an eye on it, post more about it please

  9. nice, gonna be pretty sweet when its done

  10. i think you know more about cars than i will ever know... D:

  11. damn that engine looks suh-weet.