Welcome to My Site!

Welcome to my Blog!
I'll be mainly covering my car worklog, and possibly some video games, my model cars, or just about anything else I do everyday!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Newest work

Last night I got the intercooler installed, and I'm working on getting it supported and mounted well. I still have to take the belt tensioner off, as I have to get the belt out so I can put the longer supercharger belt on.

I also got the time to replace the wimpy stock 19lb injectors with a beefier 42lb injectors.. I went out and bought some nuts and bolts but found out I didn't have a long enough piece of metal to bolt the intercooler and the radiator support together... Guess I'll be at home depot again tonight.

Oh! And I just bought some new shiny aluminum intercooler piping with blue rubber couplers. I'll have pics of the intercooler mounted either tonight or tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little sneak peak

Just tore off the front bumper, headlights, pulleys, and such the other day... Starting to get everything together for my supercharger.. I took some of the day off today, I'm thinking about replacing my injectors and possibly looking at getting the intercooler mounted today... We will see I guess..

Starting out

I decided to start this whole blogging thing. Probably going to use it to post information about my car project... This being my supercharged Mustang,(obviously from the url of my blog) :)

Worklog and possibly pics to come, stay tuned!